Aug 30, 2013

MI day 5

 ^^betcha didn't know i could mow a lawn did ya :) ;)^^

 ^^our evening desert joint^^
 ^^matt, lauryn and i got mint choco chip shakes! mmmm^^
 ^^me pretending to be a super model.^^

 ^^saw this and agreed with it^^
 ^^what i wake up too. sammy stealers...^^
 ^^helping papa load up firewood to sell^^

we started the day off with helping papa load and unload firewood beside the road.
we made a few grocery store runs and lunch breaks. after a lot of golf cart driving, we went out to meet some old friends for ice cream. since the parents wanted to talk, us kids were sent outside where we entertained ourselves. we played "dare or dare" because "truth to dare" is to mainstream ;)
after  lauryn and yule harassed the ice cream girls by making silly faces through the window, it was our turn to dare matt. we wanted him to walk through the drive thru  with my sunglasses on and buy a coke. he said no. scaredy cat. so he finally agreed if i did it with him. we got in the driveway and i turned around to find no one beside me. matt had run away. we still went through with the prank but it was me and yule. (who also tried to run away). the lady at the window was not amused at our prank, but wasn't mad about it. later we made matt do the makarena with my sunglasses on in the parking lot. he did it. and i have it on video. ;)
we came home late and watched "a Cinderella story" for the second time. ;)
soo that was our day ;)

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