Aug 27, 2013

MI day 2

i remember waking up at 2:30 am, the air mattress deflated and my back hurting from being on the ground. i got up and slept in my grandmas chair, while Lauryn disappeared into the folds of the mattress...Lauryn woke me up and informed me we had crunchy waffles for breakfast and donuts, but i didn't eat all of my donut.

a few hours rolled by and i was starving and asking mom if we could go to the store for some food.
i had already driven and ridden in the golf cart a bazillion times so i was ready to eat.
we left for Walmart and bought lots of food :)
i also bought me my recent obsessions, pretzel and regular goldfish :D
oh, and i bought EPIC.. more on that later.
so anyway, we came home and we did some yard work, and housework. and we started supper and ate again..
fill in the time gaps with us kids driving around like yahoos all over my grandparents property. fun fun fun. :)
and then we watched EPIC. we give it a five star :D or at least i give it a five star ;) it was very good.
all in all, we had a good day. oh and we had ice cream on the porch. so so good :D

 ^^me and my pretty mommy^^

 ^^ as you can see, matt and i were a big help when it came to yard work.^^


  1. I love those bubble photos so much, especially the very first one with Matt. I think it's now my favorite photo of yours. ;)

    Anyways... Sounds like your having a good time!

    1. Thanks Pal! I am so happy with the bubble pics :D

  2. uhhhhh, sooo beautiful<3. next time, can I come?