Jul 27, 2013

the tale of the delivery girl and the four rude men

friday morning came and i (sleepily) went to work.
after a few hours of filling and re-filling drinks and catching flying milk-shakes, i had a delivery.
i have never been to this place before, so it took me a few minutes to get the directions. after i did i headed out the door.
the drive was about ten or fifteen minutes long. in the GA summer heat in my car with no ac, it felt longer.
when i arrived at the destination, (it was a warehouse) i got out of my car and headed for the front door.
i was already a little uneasy.
heading to the front door i heard some whistling. i looked up and a little ways up a slight hill was a picnic bench with two men sitting there. i couldn't see their faces, because a big tree was in the way.
i immediately assumed these men were messing with me and i ignored them.
still heading to the front door i heard more whistling.
now when i say 'whistle', i'm not talking about a andy griffith type whistle, i'm talking the kind where the hair would stand up on your arms. it was more of a shriek then a whistle.
that made me mad.
i think we can all agree that when men do this it is very annoying and angering and VERY degrading.
like i said, i was mad.
finally one of the men shouted "over here!". i realised that these were the men who ordered, so i started walking up the hill.
still angry i was contemplating fussing at them.
"EXCUSE me, but i'm a LADY NOT a DOG!"
if i wasn't afraid of losing customers, and getting in trouble with my work (which i most likely wouldn't have.... my boss would probably have cheered me on) i would have said that.
but i didn't.
i got to the table and started pulling the food out of my delivery bag. they were all paid with credit cards so i needed each man to sign the receipt for me. i handed the first man his receipt. i realised he didn't have a pen, (and i wasn't carrying one) but since an open door was right behind him, i assumed he would go in and get one.
he started digging into his burger.
the other men arrived and i handed them their receipts asking them to sign.
they grabbed their receipts then past by me, their eyes fixed on the food i had laid on the picnic bench.
i knew none of them had a pen, but i was still thinking they would take the three foot walk to the door to get one.
no one moved.
they all sat down and started eating. looking at their receipts as if a magical pen would appear.
i went back to the first man i had asked to sign.
the receipt was gone. his burger half finished.
"um, where is that receipt i asked you to sign?"
"i don't know."
his lifted up his food bag and found a duplicate of the first receipt i asked him to sign. he tore it off, and i asked him to sign again.
i looked to the other men, all eating their burgers. i stood there, not knowing what to do. these men were ignoring me and had no interest in signing my receipts.
finally i said;
"alright, i'm going to go to my car and get a pen"
actually, i don't even know if they said "ok".
i walked all the way back down the hill to my car and found a pen. i walked all the way back up, wondering what happened to chivalry.
i was still very mad.
i came back to the first man i had asked to sign. his duplicate of the first receipt was gone. again.
the other mens receipts "mysteriously" disappeared too. and none of them were the least bit concerned, or had no intention of looking for "the missing receipts".
i got ONE receipt back.
finally i was just fed up with these men ignoring me that i said; "you know what? don't worry about it, have a nice day" and i marched off.
i don't think any of them said "thank you".
i got in my hot car.
and drove the ten fifteen minute drive back to work.
with one receipt and a $4 tip in my bag.
that is the tale of the delivery girl and the four rude men.

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