Jul 29, 2013

the great cleaning my room adventure [pt1]

i am a neat freak.
but... some days i am so tired from work i just throw my clothes across the floor, leave my bed unmade for a week and leave my food lying around (which attracts bugs, so i have lots of bug corpses laying on my carpet).
the other day i couldn't take it anymore.
i sat down and decided to just START cleaning my room.
*tip #1- set a time limit. i worked for about an hour, and got a lot of organization done.

yeah.... it was pretty overwhelming.
you can imagine my procrastination.
i had packed up most of my belongings a while back. but over the course of the last few months i started digging into all of them, making them look like this....^^
i started out with gathering all my clothes off the floor, folding them, and returning them to their rightful places.
*tip #2 getting your clothes and blankets off the floor helps clear the area better (where you can actually walk through and find things). i always start there.

 ^^ i organized my clothes into piles of shorts, shirts, misc, and closet clothes.^^
^^ i then went through my closet, getting all the empty hangers out and pushing the clothes back further in^^
then i started nitty gritty- going through all the boxes and reorganizing them.
i started out with my jewelry that i had strewn all over my floor.
my plan was simple. put straws around all my necklaces.
easier said then done. i spent almost two hours trying to untangle all of my necklaces.

 ^^can't fit a necklace end through the straw? no prob, get a seam ripper and tear down the side. stick the necklace in afterwards.^^

^^then i hung them on a hoop in my closet. no more tangly necklaces :D^^

*tip #3 takes a million years, but is worth it. organise your jewelry box.
then i made a little earring holder thingy.
2 yard sticks
glue gun
 then i took a few home depot yard sticks, cut them, glued them with the glue gun and painted it with chalkboard paint.
 ^^then i added the lace. you will want to stretch the lace across tight so it's not sagging when you put the earrings on them^^
^^the aftermath. so much more pleasant then hunting through my box, never finding the match^^

to be continued......
be on the look out for pt2 ;)

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