Jul 5, 2013

my sweet mama kitty

april 4th 2013
my sweet mama kitty.
you have been with us since i was a little little girl.
i don't have many memories from my childhood without you.
me and you were best buds.
me and you always had a special relationship.
because i was your biggest challenge.
i was the one who always had you around my shoulders, or was going all lion king with you, or baptizing you in the pool. but you loved it. at the end of the day, you would always still come crawl in my lap. and i'd pet you and pet you.
you were out "watch kitty".
i remember when a stray lab wandered in our yard. you happen to be sitting on the truck when it passed by. rusty took after it, and because you were a feisty thing, you jumped off the truck onto the lab, and chased it out of the yard with rusty. that wasnt the last encounter you had with a dog. you were never scared of dogs. dogs were scared of you. except rusty, who we like to think was your best friend. i remember on valentines day y'all shared a kiss. and rusty would lick you.
you were always so patient with us kids. especially me. you were by far, the best kitty ever. 
i always liked holding your paws and kissing them. they were unique because they were black and pink. and super soft. i use to nuzzle my head into your tummy and just nap with you. 
i loved seeing you when you were feisty. it showed me how alive and spirited you were.
i loved that.
i don't ever want to forget you. i love you so much. 
this morning, before you said goodbye, you looked at me and all the kids.
a look that felt like:
"my kids.."
 even though i am heartbroken you are no longer here with us, i like to think you are in heaven with lots of other little kdis who will take care of you.
i miss you.

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