Jul 29, 2013

the great cleaning my room adventure [pt1]

i am a neat freak.
but... some days i am so tired from work i just throw my clothes across the floor, leave my bed unmade for a week and leave my food lying around (which attracts bugs, so i have lots of bug corpses laying on my carpet).
the other day i couldn't take it anymore.
i sat down and decided to just START cleaning my room.
*tip #1- set a time limit. i worked for about an hour, and got a lot of organization done.

yeah.... it was pretty overwhelming.
you can imagine my procrastination.
i had packed up most of my belongings a while back. but over the course of the last few months i started digging into all of them, making them look like this....^^
i started out with gathering all my clothes off the floor, folding them, and returning them to their rightful places.
*tip #2 getting your clothes and blankets off the floor helps clear the area better (where you can actually walk through and find things). i always start there.

 ^^ i organized my clothes into piles of shorts, shirts, misc, and closet clothes.^^
^^ i then went through my closet, getting all the empty hangers out and pushing the clothes back further in^^
then i started nitty gritty- going through all the boxes and reorganizing them.
i started out with my jewelry that i had strewn all over my floor.
my plan was simple. put straws around all my necklaces.
easier said then done. i spent almost two hours trying to untangle all of my necklaces.

 ^^can't fit a necklace end through the straw? no prob, get a seam ripper and tear down the side. stick the necklace in afterwards.^^

^^then i hung them on a hoop in my closet. no more tangly necklaces :D^^

*tip #3 takes a million years, but is worth it. organise your jewelry box.
then i made a little earring holder thingy.
2 yard sticks
glue gun
 then i took a few home depot yard sticks, cut them, glued them with the glue gun and painted it with chalkboard paint.
 ^^then i added the lace. you will want to stretch the lace across tight so it's not sagging when you put the earrings on them^^
^^the aftermath. so much more pleasant then hunting through my box, never finding the match^^

to be continued......
be on the look out for pt2 ;)

Jul 27, 2013

the tale of the delivery girl and the four rude men

friday morning came and i (sleepily) went to work.
after a few hours of filling and re-filling drinks and catching flying milk-shakes, i had a delivery.
i have never been to this place before, so it took me a few minutes to get the directions. after i did i headed out the door.
the drive was about ten or fifteen minutes long. in the GA summer heat in my car with no ac, it felt longer.
when i arrived at the destination, (it was a warehouse) i got out of my car and headed for the front door.
i was already a little uneasy.
heading to the front door i heard some whistling. i looked up and a little ways up a slight hill was a picnic bench with two men sitting there. i couldn't see their faces, because a big tree was in the way.
i immediately assumed these men were messing with me and i ignored them.
still heading to the front door i heard more whistling.
now when i say 'whistle', i'm not talking about a andy griffith type whistle, i'm talking the kind where the hair would stand up on your arms. it was more of a shriek then a whistle.
that made me mad.
i think we can all agree that when men do this it is very annoying and angering and VERY degrading.
like i said, i was mad.
finally one of the men shouted "over here!". i realised that these were the men who ordered, so i started walking up the hill.
still angry i was contemplating fussing at them.
"EXCUSE me, but i'm a LADY NOT a DOG!"
if i wasn't afraid of losing customers, and getting in trouble with my work (which i most likely wouldn't have.... my boss would probably have cheered me on) i would have said that.
but i didn't.
i got to the table and started pulling the food out of my delivery bag. they were all paid with credit cards so i needed each man to sign the receipt for me. i handed the first man his receipt. i realised he didn't have a pen, (and i wasn't carrying one) but since an open door was right behind him, i assumed he would go in and get one.
he started digging into his burger.
the other men arrived and i handed them their receipts asking them to sign.
they grabbed their receipts then past by me, their eyes fixed on the food i had laid on the picnic bench.
i knew none of them had a pen, but i was still thinking they would take the three foot walk to the door to get one.
no one moved.
they all sat down and started eating. looking at their receipts as if a magical pen would appear.
i went back to the first man i had asked to sign.
the receipt was gone. his burger half finished.
"um, where is that receipt i asked you to sign?"
"i don't know."
his lifted up his food bag and found a duplicate of the first receipt i asked him to sign. he tore it off, and i asked him to sign again.
i looked to the other men, all eating their burgers. i stood there, not knowing what to do. these men were ignoring me and had no interest in signing my receipts.
finally i said;
"alright, i'm going to go to my car and get a pen"
actually, i don't even know if they said "ok".
i walked all the way back down the hill to my car and found a pen. i walked all the way back up, wondering what happened to chivalry.
i was still very mad.
i came back to the first man i had asked to sign. his duplicate of the first receipt was gone. again.
the other mens receipts "mysteriously" disappeared too. and none of them were the least bit concerned, or had no intention of looking for "the missing receipts".
i got ONE receipt back.
finally i was just fed up with these men ignoring me that i said; "you know what? don't worry about it, have a nice day" and i marched off.
i don't think any of them said "thank you".
i got in my hot car.
and drove the ten fifteen minute drive back to work.
with one receipt and a $4 tip in my bag.
that is the tale of the delivery girl and the four rude men.

Jul 20, 2013

to infinity and beyond

 ^^ at some point in each of my sisters lives, we have all dyed our hair red. like serious red^^


since they were wee babies these two have been tied at the hip.
forever and always.
to infinity and beyond.

^^me back in my old red days... lauryns looks better....i look like ariel..^^

Jul 15, 2013

my best friends + despicable me 2

in my hot car i drove to dawsonville to meet my bests for despicable me 2.
i got there and waited in my car for a few minutes. the movie time had started and they still weren't there, so i went ahead and got my ticket and my seat. i walked into the theater, filled with little kids and their parents.
"well this is awkward..."
the trailers started and then the movie. no sign of besties.
"crap, they're missing the first part!" 
ten minutes later they appear. and we laughed. and laughed. and laughed.
overall, it was really cute, but some of it was kinda dumb ;) but mostly funny, the minions make it.
you walk out of the theater and go potty, pointing out to your friends you got your hair did, and no longer have five inch roots.
you contemplate sneaking in to the last bit of Lone Ranger, but think better of it when people are watching.
we get in my steamy hot car and drive down the hill to waffle house.
we look at the menu, while the teenage boy sets our table and asks for our drinks.
the boy gets our drinks. he mixes them up and gives me sarahs pibb.
we get our waffles and talk. and talk. and talk. the boy comes back every five minutes refilling our drinks and asking us if everything is ok. your shaking so bad from the freezing ac.
after we finished eating anna asks if we can leave. she is shaking too. we drive back up the hill to the theater and take pictures in the field beside it.
after lots of pictures we sit on the curb and talk some more. we all gotta pee, so we go back in the theater. after potty break we sit on the bench and wait for daniel to come pick the girls up.
daniel appears and we all talk. a field rat appears. we chase it, while i yell "blow it up!!"
you say your goodbyes. you get in your car and  notice that the waffle house boy drew pictures on our to- go cups. then drive home blasting taylor swift.
all in all, it was a great evening.

 ^^i'm a ninja^^

 ^^ sorry sarah, i had to add it ;) ^^

^^our to-go cup drawings from our waiter^^