Jun 3, 2013

To my spongebob

a long long time ago, in a church far away, i met this chick named anna.
and so it began.
 ^^ here she is playing as "Red" in  my Little Red Riding hood. (was never actually shot)^^
 ^^here she is starring in my debut film "Robin & Rowan Hood"^^
 we've always been inseparable. tied at the hip. wherever i was, anna was. and vice versa. she is my photographer/ filming buddy, my dare devil, arm wresting, stay up late talking, chalking the road, trespassing, hide and seek, tag, CTF, movie watching, pixie cut twin, silly picture selfie, marvel loving best friend.

 ^^my first movie i ever made (which will never be released to the world) ;)^^

 she is my spongebob, and i am her patrick. she is my little notsolittleanymore sister. and she just turned fifteen.... i don't know about you, but that bothers me a lot, knowing my spongebob can actually drive now and isn't so little anymore. holy crap anna. your fifteen. she is the girl that acted in all my movies, helped me build forts, taught me how to wear make-up, got me interested in horses, etc. she and i could eat pizza everyday, and chunk every serving of spaghetti on the planet. she can only tolerate kids for a short amount of time, her favorite color is yellow, she is a cat person who loves slouchy sweaters, she takes her camera everywhere, she loves dragons, inception is her favorite movie, jennifer lawrence and scarlet johanson is her favorite actress, she loves to run, she dyes her hair black and she loves her family and her friends fiercely . she prefers tumblr to pinterest she rarely posts anything on facebook, she doesn't really like wearing dresses, she's an introvert (it's funny how and introvert and extrovert became best friends ;) ) she loves robin hood and hunger games. mumford and sons and can't stand taylor swift (that's probably the hardest part in our friendship... i'm a swifty ;))  anna and i share sisters and mothers. like literally, she calls my mom "mom".  we love each others siblings and were all best of friends. i love  anna, spongebob, babe, ace jewel ;). i hope you had the besets of birthdays :D
 ^^she is MY best friend, you can't have her.^^

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