Jun 25, 2013

o u t l a w ~ first day of shooting

hey guess what! the shooting for "OUTLAW" has begun! whoop whoop!
first day of shooting went GREAT! much much BETTER then my  last film..
not only is the acting better in this one, all our equipment has been upgraded (no more wobbly tripods and non HD camcorders) the script is better, the fort is better the costumes are better and pretty much everything is BETTER for this film. i finally purchased final cut pro x, which i will be editing the whole series with :D
i am so excited to share a few sneak peak pictures from out first day of shooting. i will not be sharing much about the film until it is released to the world, so be on the look out for sneak peaks and trailers!
but i will share this and only this.
"OUTLAW" is not a film. it is a mini series  that i will be making into about five episodes.
 ^^me doing what i do best^^
 ^^we find all kinds of critters on set.. here we have a box turtle^^
 ^^ i've noted before that the hardest part for me being a director was directing boys. but now, they have turned into a tremendous help!^^
 ^^callah. callahs costume is one of my favorites^^

 ^^ anna is a huge part in this film. not only is she acting, she is co- filming and co-directing this with me^^

i hope you are as excited as i am !! it has been a long time since i have made a movie like this, so i was a little nervous, but now that the first day is out of the way, i'm looking forward to the upcoming ones!

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