Jun 30, 2013

o u t l a w 2nd & 3rd day of shooting

things are coming slowly but surely on outlaw. i'm proud of what we've accomplished so far, but we've still got a ways to go...
i have got to start working on a trailer.. making the trailer is not the problem.. finding the right music for it is. and because i decided i wasn't going to download any songs off those free websites (i'm scared of getting a virus on sammy) i have to buy all the songs i want off iTunes. which does add up.
i have to say so far my favorite shooting day was #2. #3 was the hottest day of the week and we only had three hours to work. the downside to spending all day in the woods is. the. ticks. and. chiggers.
everyday i ask the crew "whats the chigger count today?". but it's worth it. sweating like a pig, being so hot your heads pounding and being eaten alive by chiggers isn't always fun but it's so worth it.
 ^^Sarah taking a break^^
 ^^Lauryn and Anna working on their lines^^ these two cannot be serious together^^
 ^^matt and daniel braving the ticks and chiggers whilst sarah instagrams ;)^^
 ^^the goofballs^^
 ^^me re-enacting the rapunzel pose^^
 ^^us being epic^^
 ^^daniel and matt acting as camera men^^
 ^^us girls on a reallllly steep hill we ran down. unfortunately we had an injury. anna was going to fast and couldn't keep up with her feet, causing her to fly down and belly flop the flat ground with her arm behind her. thankfully she is ok^^
 ^^you know what they say.. girls rule and boys drool^^
^^matt taking a breather ^^

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