Jun 9, 2013

change in the air

i don't really know what to write, concerning my life right now. a lot of things have been happening around here. yet, i've been really bored. i am trying to work up the motivation to shoot my movie. but work/ fatigue and laziness has gotten the better of me. i've been having revelations about a few of the relationships i have in my life. not all are wholesome and not all are what i thought they were. i've been writing a book lately. well, more of a journal written in first person/ past tense. i've always wanted to write a book. i hope someday to make a movie series of my life. maybe i will publish chronicles of the morg someday. ;) i bought vsco pack 01 yesterday! i really like it. i like it, but the 02 pack is better in my opinion. ;) (the sepia toned pictures below were edited with 01)

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