May 12, 2013

what is a weekend

 this is my pretty sarah. she is so beautiful, and she puts such a smile to my face. especially when she goes into (what i call) "sarah glaze gaze"..... more on that later... i love you sarah.

 this is my anna. so beautiful. we think waaaaay to much alike. seriously. my mom had to ask if we were sisters. she makes me laugh a lot... especially our inside jokes.

my sisters. 

in one weekend. i went to work. twice. got up at seven to help with the yard sale we hosted at our house. very hard work. i took a nap on the couch we were trying to sell, and my mom threatened to put a price tag on me.  my best ones came over. we worked hard. sarah walked a chair. a rat died in my basement. actually, he died last weekend. i went to the store and bought dinner and a creeper smiled at me. i watched super 8 and ate a lot of candy. my room smells of starbursts. anna had something to do with that.  mommy took us with her to the movies for mothers day. iron man 3 to be exact. maybe i'm a little to excited about lone ranger... and man of steel... i took a walk and took pictures of daisies. haven't been sleeping good. i guess sugar and watching tv and staying up late talking to your best ones has something to do with that. yolo. dip dyed my hair green and pink, though its a little faded now.. my sister came over and put green and blue eyeliner on me. that's cool. watched fried green tomatoes, which i really really loved...


  1. i had such a good time! I love you! see ya again today!!

  2. LOVE! you make me feel so special ;)
    luv ya!