May 4, 2013

hard work pays off

most of you know that i got a job back at the beginning of the year. since day one i have been setting aside money for this. i have been waiting for this for a loooong time. well... five months, but it felt like a looong time. yesterday i headed to the bank with all my savings. rolls of quarters, nickels, dimes and random change laid on the tellers desk. "i've been saving for a computer" i said. this morning i met up with my sister and her husband and we headed to the apple store. being saturday it was quite busy. a girl in hipster glasses came over and shook my hand, asking me how she could help. "i want this computer" i said pointing.  about thirty/forty minutes later, i walked out of apple with my computer. i'm happy. i'm thankful. i'm proud. i'm excited that i don't have to yell across the house "i call the laptop!!!!!" anymore. no, i have my own computer now. praise Jesus.  after we left apple we stopped at a few stores. wet seal, charlotte russe, forever 21, dELIA's to name a few. all in all, it's been  a good day. a computer and two shirts later, i'm home writing this.

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  1. Yay! How exciting you finally have your own computer! :D