May 26, 2013

24 hours of fun

we had another yard sale this weekend. i was up at the crack of dawn friday morning. helped sort everything, organize everything, carry heavy objects and help customers. sort of. i just mostly carried and organized stuff. i had to go to work so i left the house around ten o'clock. got home to a yard still full of stuff and my besties waiting for me. sarah was unable to stay the night and help, so it was just anna and callah. and boy, did we all have fun....

 ^^my pretty anna.^^
 ^^we are silly^^
 ^^and weird^^
^^me. duh.^^
after the yard sale was over, the first thing anna and i did was a photo shoot on the corner where the daisies were blooming. anna forgot louie (her camera) so we had to share perry (my camera). so any photos of me are taken by her . ;)

 ^^also taken by anna. one of my favorites.^^

 ^^and then she stole turtle. (my phone.)
after looots of pictures, we settled down on the couch editing away whilst matt played halo3 beside us. 
we edited pictures for a while, then remembered i had iPhoto booth on my computer and... well... we spent a while on that..

^^ we're special..^^
we ran to kroger for dinner, and grabbed a few necessities, like nutella and "wreck it ralph" (love that movie!) and yes... we had pizza for dinner. 

we stayed up late talking about all kinds of things. i drifted to sleep very quickly and woke up around 8:30. we got up and had waffles, and helped with little odds and ends for the yard sale. 

^^ the littles aren't so little anymore. they kept us laughing all day. especially when they had the brilliant idea of tying water to their feet in grocery bags....^^
 ^^obviously we were a big help...^^

 the next thing we did was make signs... business was running a little slow so we tried to come up with a way to draw in more people. here are the results....

we got a lot of comments, that's for sure. 
an 86 year old woman came up and started talking to us. she seemed in great shape, i couldn't believe she was 86. she started dancing and telling us how much she loved to dance. she turned to yuliya and asked her if she liked to dance. yuliya said yes and she said : "lets see you shake it!" she was so funny, we were all laughing with her. she told us "you got to have fun". anna and i quoted her all day. especially when we were making our signs. ;) 

sarah joined us later, and we... well... took more pictures ;) all in all, we had a great weekend together. i hope your weekend was as good as ours was!

May 23, 2013

with flowers in her hair

^^my little sister was sweet and took the wonderful photos above ^^.

wild flowers are my favorite flowers ever. because they are unique and different. like me. 

May 18, 2013

how i started blogging...

during the fall season of 2008 i wanted my own email.
after my own email, a blog was made. 
i can't remember what i named it... probably something dumb. 
i posted almost every selfie of myself on it. 
i didn't know anything about blogging, or how big it is.
i just had a pink point and shoot and was taking selflies. oh, and i'd write occasionally. 
give or take a few years and a few more dumb blogs, i made my previous blog.
the original name was "morgs colors" hence the URL.
morgs colors was a blog for all my interests. movie making, photography (i was just starting to get into that) journaling, sewing etc.
and then. i saw it. all the other blogs, that were waaaaaaaay better then mine. i had no idea how to design. heck, i was just using the polka dot blogger templates. 0.o
i was determined to learn HTML . well, first i had to figure out exactly what it was...
one blog that i really liked had a cool design, so i contacted her.
to this day, i am so thankful she spent the time to teach me some basic HTML.
i probably re-designed my blog a million times those first few months. after "morgs colors" name, i changed it to adorkable. adorkable lasted a little while, but in the summer i changed it to morgan elise. i hated it. when ever i hear morgan elise i feel like i'm in trouble. 
my nick name is morg. but people outside of my family weren't very comfortable with calling me that. but it's my name. it's what i answer to everyday. i had a lot of conflict with myself for naming this blog "the morg". but it's me, and i'm happy with it.
almost the whole time i was blogging on morgan elise, i was miserable. i kept trying to be like the other bloggers.  oh i like her design, i'm going to make mine  like that. she has a lot of followers because of her outfits, i'm going to go buy some clothes similar.  that font is popular.. i'm going to get it. 
over and over and over again.
 i was constantly unhappy, because i always felt like my blog sucked, and i only had 11 followers and i wrote like a three year old, and my pictures were lame and so on and so on... and so on.
i was just coming to the end of all that when i started this blog.
i am grateful for those times, because it helped me learn more about myself and my style.
but i'm glad i have reached (i hope) the end of it.
i am a very unique, different, odd person.
that's the best way i can describe myself.
i couldn't find one girls style to copy that was like my own.
their's only one me. *face palm*.
i finally decided to be brave and to be different and to be ok with it.
 i was scared other bloggers would shun my differentness. (is that a word?)

you just have to take the risk of not being "normal" and step out and be brave. be you.

after the past year of reading and following so many blogs, i don't particularly  care for many blogs anymore. my favorite blogs (ever) are mommy blogs. because i feel like they are more authentic and real then the average blogger. i wasn't real.
i don't write flowery sentences, or post quotes from books i've never heard of. i don't post amazing photos and i don't name or design my blog anything popular. i just... share what i got.
and i'm okay with that.
before, i was blogging for other people. hoping people would like me and follow me.
i now blog for me and to document my life. nothing else.
i've actually kinda gotten sick of the whole blogging sphere ..
i make this face a lot. (ignore the caption)
anyhoo, just some stuff on my mind lately. hope this is encouraging for other bloggers who are having a hard time finding their voice.