Apr 16, 2013

around these parts

april 15th 2013
a boring day. slow at work. came home to lauryn on the couch sick, and matt sicker then sick. yule had accidentally cut her finger and was having a hard time using her hand. i was tired. we were all tired, sick or injured. but life carried on. i did a few chores, but i mostly worked on the computer planning an upcoming film. (fingers crossed!) i texted my friends back and forth about upcoming play dates. i ran to the store and picked up dinner.  i came back home. like i said, a boring day. then bedtime rolled around. i grabbed my camera and phone and headed down the steps (i live in the basement). i cleaned my room with imagine dragons , of monsters and men and mumford and sons playing. i stringed some more Christmas lights around my room, snapped some photos, then crawled into bed. journaled , then turned the lights out. midnight rolled around and i still couldn't sleep. oh yeah, i had had starbucks a few hours earlier. chowing down a melatonin i drifted off to sleep. 

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  1. LOVE this post.
    been praying for Lauryn and Matt. hope they get better soon :) (for selfish reasons, like wanting to see you guys ASAP ;)