Apr 29, 2013

adventures of late.

adventures of late-

having a delivery to the surgery center in the hospital. ending up deep in the hospital where i ended up in an office with a tv showing a LOT of live surgeries taking place. ew.  and then they didn't tell us how to get out and we almost went into the operating room....
sleeping in and staying in bed reading for a few hours.

walking into the cabin and hearing some high pitched squeals. pretty positive on what it might be, i thought for a second it was a mouse or a rat stuck in a trap. i cautiously followed the sound to under the sink. still a little leery of a big rat jumping out at me, i opened the door to (what a surprise... not)  four kittens.  being me i picked the runt of the litter out. it's eyes were somewhat shut, and they were all squealing . i named him/her opossum, because he/she has the skinniest tail of them all, and he/she curls it around your fingers and hand. so cute.
watching snow white and the hunstman, and a league of their own. both great movies. 
plans for weekend....
converse store and wendys with my brother matt.
getting asked for the hundredth time from a customer if your boss is your mom or related to you.
having a Indian photo shoot with your besties , and forget the paint, so yule, pours ginger ale all over the ground and we put the mud on our faces.
talking about getting a nose ring and your brother-in-law teases about putting your nose under a sewing machine.
helping your dad push the truck up a hill.. with a flat tire... in your work clothes..in the middle of the road..
matt: (cuts finger) "ow ow ow ow!!!.... I wouldn't do well in war.."
trying to write a script as if my life depended on it. scriptwriting is not my best...

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