Apr 29, 2013

adventures of late.

adventures of late-

having a delivery to the surgery center in the hospital. ending up deep in the hospital where i ended up in an office with a tv showing a LOT of live surgeries taking place. ew.  and then they didn't tell us how to get out and we almost went into the operating room....
sleeping in and staying in bed reading for a few hours.

walking into the cabin and hearing some high pitched squeals. pretty positive on what it might be, i thought for a second it was a mouse or a rat stuck in a trap. i cautiously followed the sound to under the sink. still a little leery of a big rat jumping out at me, i opened the door to (what a surprise... not)  four kittens.  being me i picked the runt of the litter out. it's eyes were somewhat shut, and they were all squealing . i named him/her opossum, because he/she has the skinniest tail of them all, and he/she curls it around your fingers and hand. so cute.
watching snow white and the hunstman, and a league of their own. both great movies. 
plans for weekend....
converse store and wendys with my brother matt.
getting asked for the hundredth time from a customer if your boss is your mom or related to you.
having a Indian photo shoot with your besties , and forget the paint, so yule, pours ginger ale all over the ground and we put the mud on our faces.
talking about getting a nose ring and your brother-in-law teases about putting your nose under a sewing machine.
helping your dad push the truck up a hill.. with a flat tire... in your work clothes..in the middle of the road..
matt: (cuts finger) "ow ow ow ow!!!.... I wouldn't do well in war.."
trying to write a script as if my life depended on it. scriptwriting is not my best...

Apr 23, 2013

squaw no gettum firewood

"No! Squaw no gettum firewood, squaw go home!"
Wendy Darling

Apr 17, 2013

i miss

i miss.

i miss the nights i stayed up late devouring books. little lauryn would beg me to turn out the light, and i would always reply "just one more chapter".
but really i'd just wait till she fell asleep and stay up longer.
i miss the days spent in the woods playing hide and seek with my friends.
i miss the nights i would stay up watching episode after episode of Lark Rise to Candleford.
i miss playing bionicles  with matt. he would get mad because i kept trying to make the toa's go to ballet class instead of fighting the enemy.
i miss that cold feeling after stepping out of the pool and going inside.
or the first plunge into the freezing water.
i miss when we made movies just for fun.
i miss when my siblings were little.
the times we played hide and seek in the messy basement.
i miss how we use to run for cover whenever mom and dad ever uttered the words "time to clean the        today'

i miss the hours we use to spend in front of the radio, listening to adventures in oddysey  and coloring picture after picture.
i miss when we were young and spent hours outside building forts and making coffee out of dirt. 
playing house over and over again.

the summer nights when i'd look over the uncut lawn listening to the crickets and watching the fireflies.
i miss when i didn't care what people thought of me. when every shirt and shorts matched, and bed hair was everyday hair.

i miss when i stayed up late journaling and only had fun happy times to report.
i miss my life before the internet.
i miss all the dreams i use to dream. 
i miss being four or five and chasing frogs and butterflies all over the yard, and how daddy laughed when i'd catch them.

i miss life before screens. i miss being outside.
i miss the sunny spring days when i didn't have a care in the world.
the turkey sandwiches mama made us on hot summer days.
 i miss that summer week when all we did was walk a few miles every night, spend hours on the computer, taking a million pictures of each other, bonfires every night, camping under the stars, racing to the dinner table and movies with the whole family.

i miss 'stupid' the lizard.

i miss the nights ash would let me stay up with her watching all her musicals.
i miss throwing my hair in a messy bun.
i miss when rusty could run free.

i miss our pool.
i miss my freedom before i started working.
i miss the fall nights matt and i'd chant the robin hood theme song as we watch another episode, a jar of nutella each.

i miss i miss i miss.

Apr 16, 2013

around these parts

april 15th 2013
a boring day. slow at work. came home to lauryn on the couch sick, and matt sicker then sick. yule had accidentally cut her finger and was having a hard time using her hand. i was tired. we were all tired, sick or injured. but life carried on. i did a few chores, but i mostly worked on the computer planning an upcoming film. (fingers crossed!) i texted my friends back and forth about upcoming play dates. i ran to the store and picked up dinner.  i came back home. like i said, a boring day. then bedtime rolled around. i grabbed my camera and phone and headed down the steps (i live in the basement). i cleaned my room with imagine dragons , of monsters and men and mumford and sons playing. i stringed some more Christmas lights around my room, snapped some photos, then crawled into bed. journaled , then turned the lights out. midnight rolled around and i still couldn't sleep. oh yeah, i had had starbucks a few hours earlier. chowing down a melatonin i drifted off to sleep. 

Apr 14, 2013

lazy park days

summer nights with the family.
yes, i said summer.
it's GA.