hi there! my name is morgan elise, but you can call me morg if you'd like.
i am a photographer, film-maker, blogger, med student, nanny and artist. 
i am a twenty- something living with my family in the great state of WA.
i am a christian. my heart belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ.
i love adventuring, fashion photography, musicals (i am obsessed with Hamilton) swing dancing, historical fiction, dressing your truth, helping beginning bloggers, and movie nights.
my favorite color is green, even though i own a plethora of pink.
i love big sparkly jewelry, big sassy hair (and sunglasses!) and high heels.
i am a type 1 according to DYT, and an ENFJ according to Meyers Briggs.
gilmore girls, avatar the last airbender, walking dead, h20 just add water, are just a few of my favorite  of my favorite tv shows.
valentines, halloween and christmas are my favorite holidays.
i am a cat person.
i'm obsessed with dinosaurs.
i hope one day to be working in the labor and delivery ward- assisting in bringing new lives into the world is my dream job.
i am always cold.
i am dairy free.
succulent plants are my favorite.
i have acted in a star wars fan film.
coffee is essential to everyday life. 
friday is my favorite day.

welcome to my blog!
xx morg

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