Apr 9, 2017

why dressing your truth is important

Hi guys! I've hardly picked up my camera these past few months, so I don't have much of anything to share with you guys right now. I've been super busy with school, and I took my CMA National Exam last Friday and I passed! So happy to have that behind me-it was hard! 
Anyway, today I want to write about a subject that has been very important to me ever since I discovered it. 

^^it's free, quick and easy. after signing up it will take you to a series of videos explaining the 4 types.^^

For those of you who don't know what this program is, stop right now, click the above link and watch the free video courses-Now! 
Okay, great, now I can continue. So you've watched the videos, eh? What type did you type yourself as? Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me! 

^^always a lover of swings and summer^^

Before I get into everything, let me give you a little backstory: 

I grew up in the South, and had a a bunch of guy friends. I felt like I had to be a tomboy to appear tough and smart to others, mainly my guy friends. I wore a lot of dark colors, such as brown, black, navy blue, and gray. I convinced myself that colorful clothes, especially pink, made me look bad and seem "girly." I had a skewed perception of  what it meant to be "girly." To me, at the time, being "girly" meant you were a dumb blond who didn't want to get her hands dirty and was made fun of. When I started wearing a little bit of makeup, it was awkward because I felt like I was slamming the door on my "tomboy" self, and (heaven forbid) becoming a girly girl! 

^^I love how in these images, I am expressing my true nature, just not dressing it!^^

When I turned sixteen, I started getting more into fashion and makeup, and was slowly letting go of my tomboyish nature. I spent so much money on clothes that I initially liked, but would end up hating how I felt in them later, and then I would get rid of them. 
When I was seventeen, I got a job at a diner that required me to wear bold red T-shirts, and I would wear black, long-sleeved shirt underneath it. Later on, after leaving that job to move, I pulled the red work shirt out to wear, and I realized I hated how I felt in it. I'd never realized how it it didn't feel like me at all. 
^^I use to think that it was okay for me to wear black. I filled my closet with, even though I never felt good in it. As DYT teaches, only type 4s are "allowed" to wear black. I love how I'm expressing my true nature in this photo, but just not dressing it. ^^

Growing up I always wanted to have fun. Out of everyone in the family, I was the one who was always begging to go places, to do fun things, and to invite friends over.  I used to think this was an annoying and immature attribute about myself. I was always happy to go out, even if it was just to the grocery store! I still like just going to the grocery store, especially when my siblings and/or friends go with me, making it more fun!  
I see how, in a way, I was shaming this part of me for a while. I didn't want to invite friends over for a spell because I was scared that I was annoying them with my constant invitations for fun things. I felt like nobody would ever believe that I was smart or that could get things done or that I could be serious because I was and am more fun and bubbly. 

Two years ago, some friends of mine discovered DYT. My friend, Annie, told me all about it and told me that we were type 1s. I didn't do any research at first, I had just agreed with Annie because everything she said about type 1s resonated with me. 

Only a short time later, I began doing a lot of research and studying DYT. Me and Annie started "typing" all of our friends and family- we got a lot wrong at first because we were just basing our belief off of a personality. DYT is NOT a personality test. 

[  I AM A TYPE 1  ]

Fun is my motivation, gathering people together is my favorite, I love bright colors, I move randomly and buoyantly, and I constantly have new ideas. I am bubbly, adventurous, excited, optimistic, warm, outgoing, random, bouncy, loud, extroverted, and happy. 
I am confident in my assessment of me being a type 1. My secondary type is 3 (very strong 3!). My closet is filled with T1 and T3 clothes- depending on my mood I dress accordingly to either one. I relate the least with type 4, not much of any 4 in me. My type 2 side is very close with my 3, but I lead with strong 1/3 energy. 

Learning this was so freeing and validating;  I have no problem with dressing up girly now, or wearing makeup, jewelry, or wearing pink! I almost only wear pink now! I have come to love that I love fun now, and don't try to shut that down about me anymore. 

It's been a couple of years and the topic of dressing your truth never gets old to me. I love talking about it and helping people understand it more, or even help nudge them in what type they are. *Never tell someone their type! 

I have a private DYT board for my friends and family, and I recently posted a challenge that was very eye opening to me. The challenge was to dress as your opposite type. My opposite type is a type 4. Type 4s are "allowed" to wear black, whereas the other types are not "allowed." When I discovered I was a type 1, I got rid of and stored away a lot of my black clothing, but for the challenge I fished out one of my black, long sleeved shirts. I went into this challenge excited to dress up and have fun dressing as another type. But instead, I ended up feeling sick. The further I got into applying bold makeup and styling my hair differently, I started to get a little emotional. This isn't me! I hate how I feel in this! 

That was the first time I've worn black in a couple of years. After this experiment, I decided to let go of all of my remaining black clothes. I'm actually starting to get rid of a lot of grey as well, because technically only type 2's are "allowed" to wear grey. 

I think Dressing Your Truth is important. I don't think we realize how much dressing in the wrong colors affects our body and makes us feel ill- I sure did! 
It is how we express our true nature. It helps free us to embrace who we are, expecially if we have come to see our strengths as weaknesses. It also helps save time and money when shopping. It helps us discover the real us!

Have you already discovered you're type? What did the process lookalike for you? Did you know right away or not? 
I hope you find his program as helpful as I do! 

p.s i probably will be writing a more in depth post about the different types, my observances and what i've learned about being a type 1/3. 
xx morg


  1. This was really cool to read! I can actually really relate to wanting to dress serious and be taken seriously. I've always had issues with self confidence and not feeling smart, so I always hated dressing girly (though I don't like it because it doesn't feel right too. I find it fun to imagine dressing up, but actually doing it feels so uncomfortable XD). It's funny because I actually do relate to a fair amount of T1 personality traits, but when it comes to T1 fashion I run away. Far away. XD

    I can't wait for you to write about the other personalty types (if you do, that is). So much of what I've read about T3 and T4's has been really freeing and helped me embrace the person I always shoved away. Being surrounded by almost entirely T2 and T4 people has made it challenging to embrace my T3 nature. I naturally start to act like whoever I'm around and I don't like that one bit.

    I also recently realized that I've been going through health problems for a few years, which has made it hard truly embrace my T3 nature, but one day when I'm healed there will be no stopping me, mwahahaha. XD

  2. Nice post!! This was super interesting.