Jan 23, 2017

monday inspiration [ youtube version]

here are a few of my favorite youtube videos that have inspired me/made me happy or helped me to keep working hard.

^^ i had to watch this video for school and it really inspired and encouraged me^^

^^ i can't tell you how much i love this song and video. i came upon this when i was drowning under anxiety, stress and worry about my work and school. it makes me so happy, and encourages me^^

^^this video always makes me feel more empowered about becoming a nurse- and it always makes me tear up.^^

what videos/songs/quotes are inspiring to you? tell me in the comments below!

xx morg

1 comment:

  1. The Trolls video is ADORABLE. XD I need to see that movie. It really is encouraging.

    The I Am a Nurse video was a great reminder to how much nurses do (and I'm sure if I was planning to be a nurse, it would make me proud of that ;D). They really are the unsung heros.