Jan 15, 2017

and that's a wrap! [short film]

^^this is a pic noah caught- i love it!^^

my brother is directing his first short film for a film submission. today was our last day of shooting! i can't wait for you all to see it- it will probably be public in a month. here are just a few pics i took throughout the days. i played a very short role- which was fun!

xx morg
p.s thank you all so much for your sweet comments regarding my last post. ;)


  1. *throws hands in the air* YAY SET PHOTOS! *whispers* those are my favorite. XD

    Okay but whoa, you're hair! It's awesome! Every type of hairstyle or color looks amazing on you! HOW DO YOU DO IT? XD

  2. thats amazing. I love the photos and cant wait to see the film! I love that last picture of you. beautiful!