Nov 9, 2016

life of late

life has been so hectic lately. i barely have time to keep up with my family, much less this little space of mine. being in school and the caretaker of three kiddos takes it's toll on ya...

i have barely picked up my camera- at least my professional one. my sister (lulu) mainly mans it these days. so iPhone photos will have to do.

i started my 3rd mod at school monday. it is very similar to my first class- which was administrative procedures. i'm doing medical office emergencies now. i am getting better and more confident at doing injections now. the thought of sticking one inch needles into my class mates was daunting at first, but it's getting easier. i'm so thankful i'm not afraid of needles- otherwise i'd be really struggling with this class! i am favorite for drawing blood- my veins are so visible that they look like blue tattoos up and down my arms. my arm is a little sore right now though, because the last girl that drew my blood accidentally stuck the needle straight through my vein. it's all good though- i didn't really feel it. just bruising now. ;)

^^me and my school chums on break <3 <3 <3^^

i am starting to pay attention to a certain area of my life right now- which is my anxiety. i never really realized how much anxiety i had stored up inside of me, until about a month ago. or actually, when i started school- which was several months ago. i get very anxious about my homework- the fear of not getting it done in time or scoring well, literally makes my whole body tense up. i haven't been sleeping well lately- my insomnia has been really bad. my neck and shoulders have been aching, due to the tension stored up in them.

about a month ago, the realization of how big my anxiety was flared up in a scary way.
i had a panic attack at school. 
it was a very unpleasant experience, that quite honestly shook me badly.  i haven't really talked much about it, mainly because i get emotional when i think about the whole experience. so i've been researching and praying about it all- trying to get more understanding and start to overcome it. 

my sister lulu and i had a early morning starbucks and target date last weekend. it was such a good morning spent with her- i really miss spending time with my siblings. i'm trying to remind myself that  school is only a season and i'm just a few months away from being done.

after i'm done getting my CMA, i'm either going to get my RN or possibly become a midwife. or both. it really depends on where life takes me next summer... but i know that while I'm in my medical profession, i just want to be with kids. i am hoping and praying for a pediatric clinic that i can practice in.

on a different note, has anyone else been keeping up the the new Walking Dead season? the premier episode though... super rough. i've been going back and watching old episodes. gah, i love this show so much!

i have been obsessed with this song lately^^ i love anything related to neverland and the lost boys.

 i feel like that may be all i've been up to. working, school and homework.  well, i am actually doing a lot of dancing lately. me and my friends are choreographing a christmas swing dance! more on that later...

so what have you been up to lately?
what have you been reading, listening to or watching?

xx morg


  1. Love this post! Ooo, so cool! I have a sister who wants to be a midwife. :)


  2. I've recently been learning how to deal with my anxiety, and it's been awesome. Life is just happier for me now. :) Also, THAT SONG IS EVERYWHERE NOW. XD I used to love it but now I'm getting a tad annoyed.

    1. Hi Evangeline!
      I'm so glad you are growing in overcoming your anxiety! If you don't mind, what has been helping you -as far as resources?
      LOL yeah, I understand overplayed songs getting annoying!! XD XD XD I felt that way about "Uptown Funk" for a loooooong time. ;)

    2. Mainly God. XD Also, relying on my family more and not internalizing everything.

      I finally got to the point where I was just done with how my life was being affected by my anxiety and how it was affecting the people around me, and I sought help from my mother (which is not an easy thing for me to do. I hate asking for help XD). She was my main resource. :)