Nov 1, 2016

Halloween 2016

i was Joy from Inside Out for halloween this year! i've never really gone all out for halloween before, so this was fun. i knew i had to be joy, so i made my costume in about a week-ish. i had some trial and error with the circle skirt part- i've never done one before, so i accidentally cut it waaaaaaaay to short at first and had to go get more material. whoops... but it turned out super nicely, and very flowy. i couldn't stop twirling in it! i used puffy paint to apply the "fireworks" to the dress. you can't see it really well, but i did also make a core memory, using yellow spray paint and a styrofoam ball.
here are a few images from last nights halloween party. <3

 ^^Lauryn as the crazy cat lady^^
 ^^Matt as... some Percy Jackson character..^^
 ^^Faith as.. lumberjack..^^
 ^^Sarah as Ravenclaw Hogwarts student^^
 ^^my mom as a cow girl^^
 ^^Lizzy as a coal miner^^
 ^^Merida, Harry Potter and Faith^^
 ^^Max as a greaser^^
 ^^Josiah as a soldier/boy-scout^^
 ^^Daniel as Rick Grimes^^
 ^^Annie as Rosie the Riveter^^
 ^^Where's Waldo?^^
 ^^Waldo with my core memory^^
 ^^Sarah as a screcrow^^

we did a little bit of dancing- Anna snapped a few shots of me.

what did you dress up as?
hope you had a lovely halloween!
x x morg

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  1. Love all the costumes and your photos are divine!