May 16, 2016

Kayla Itsines BBG Week One

my dear friend faith recently introduced me to a workout program called "Bikini Body Girl." i wasn't very interested in the idea or of working out- that is until i tried on my swimsuit that i plan on wearing this summer. i quickly realized that i would like to tone up a wee bit- and i was already noticing how my lack of movement + diet was affecting me. it was time to make a change.
long story short, i am now using Kayla Itsines BBG work out plan!
i have been Vlogging each days progress, and i plan to blog every monday on the weeks progress- so you guys are keeping me accountable! :D
if you'd like, you can see me posting more BBG related stuff on my instagram account. :)

i thought i was going to pass out- i don't remember the last time i sweat that much!!
the first workout is not easy! it literally kicked my butt. this day just happened to be my dad's birthday, so eating wise wasn't my best. but since then i have committed to no soda, and greatly lowering my junk food intake. 

*left, ezekiel bread, avocado and fried egg- with a poached egg on the side. *top right, a giant salad i made for dinner. *bottom, instead of cookies for dessert, i chose pineapples and strawberries. 

this was my "off" day. with the BBG program, you only have a work out plan three days a week- your off days can alternate between high intensity or low intensity- i'm doing low intensity. ;) i went hiking with my brother, but that was easy compared to the hills i climbed with a stroller and three year old later that afternoon. i may have walked two miles. 

after the same hill-y walk like tuesdays, i did my planned workout after dinner. i definitely was sore, but was enjoying it. it has been years since i last did that many pushups- i couldn't feel my arms afterwards. i tried out this famous kombucha that keep hearing so much about- i can't say i like it very much. what brand/type do you like, if any?

thursday was my 'off' day. i walked five miles for my low intensity work out. i had a healthy breakfast- been eating a LOT of eggs- and then a not so healthy lunch. i'm noticing it's hard for me to have healthy lunches due to my work schedule etc. but i had the above for dinner- which was very filling and yummy. :D

friday was my best day! the exercises that were hard for me the first day, were easier and i could go longer. i felt stronger.
i also went walking around a neighborhood looking at yard sales. i think i stayed pretty healthy all day friday- i even resisted the sugary sweet snacks that came to our community reading group! 

saturday i was out and about for most of the day at a film shoot. the crafters of the shoot blessed us with healthy and not so healthy food options- i indulged a little bit on the unhealthy side. i have been really good with having little to no sugar this week- except saturday. ;) for my low intensity training i alternated between walking and running every few minutes, for 45 minutes. it felt so good to push myself. i haven't ran that much in years. i felt very good afterwards. 

sunday is my rest day, so i did twenty minutes of hatha yoga. i really enjoy doing yoga- especially before bed. i fall asleep so much quicker.


so that was my first week with BBG! i am LOVING it so far! it is perfect for me- it's challenging and not monotonous, the workouts change every day. i am excited to already be seeing results!!
xx morg


  1. Go you! Those breakfasts look really good despite being healthy. It's nice to be able to find healthy options that actually taste good. XD

  2. I've heard a lot about the BBG program. seems pretty cool! and those breakfasts look heavenly...yummm