May 23, 2016

Kayla Itsines BBG Week 2


feeling stronger and stronger- same workout but less difficult. :D

 LISS day! i have started running! it helps de-stress me SO much! continuing  healthier eating habits.

abs and arm workout successful! i've noticed more toning on my arms & legs!

LISS day! didn't have time to do a full 45 minute run- so i did 30 mins of less on the elliptical. 

Friday & Saturday 
me and my family were at a conference friday and saturday- so we ate out for every meal. i had sushi & salad for lunch both days- my dinners less healthy. ;) i didn't have time to do my friday workout- so i did it sunday.

hatha yoga, LISS and friday's workout all combined in one day! getting to de-stress and eat healthier than previous two days. 
^^sundays delicious lunch. trying out some coconut water- can't say i care for it all that much. ;)^^

xx morg

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