Apr 19, 2016

what would you like to see?

i asked my sister to take a few shots of me "looking productive" with my pen for this thumbnail pic.
XD ;)

hi y'all!
so i've been thinking a little bit about the direction of this blog, and what i'm trying to accomplish.
i know that this blog is a collecting place for my random and hobby photography/ journaling my life.
but i feel like there possibly could be more to do with it?

is there a particular subject you would like me to write about or even photograph?
do you have any questions of any nature?
should i do a q&a?
what would you like to see more frequently on here?

let me know your thoughts, because i'd LOVE to hear them!

xx morg


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    1. Great photo. ;)

      I enjoy everything you post and it's always a treat to see a blog post of yours pop up in my feed. I especially like the action shots of your life! The hikes, sundry filming stuff, etc. :) All of your photographs are fabulous!

      Sophia xx

    2. Thank you sweet Sophia! That's very kind, and encouraging!

  2. I love the photos that you post, and your vlogs are a lot of fun! I would love every once in a while seeing more things about books you've read, movies you've watched, or music you're dying over.

    1. Thank you Laura! I will definitely be thinking of ways to add your suggestions to my blog! Thank you for your ideas! :D

  3. obviously, like everyone said, your photos :) have you ever shared how you got into photography? I would like to hear that story.