Apr 13, 2016

location scouting

last week me and the sibbys went location scouting for our upcoming film. i think we found a couple of winners for several scenes. hopefully we will be filming this summer- fingers crossed!

xx morg


  1. How awesome! I bet film-making is so fun! The locations in the pictures are gorgeous! Do you know what you want the film to be about yet? :)

    1. Thanks Eve!
      Film- making is definitely fun, but soon much work! Thank you! The location above is where me and my friends have filmed several movies, including the star wars fan film I acted in last summer. This film is about a brother and sister living in a post apocalyptic world- during the zombie apocalypse! This is something we have never done before so I'm super excited. Our script is locked, most of our actors are locked, we've been gathering a crew, and now were focusing on the art department and shot list. I have been Vlogging the journey so far, so hopefully they will be released to youtube at some point ;)

  2. It's so cool that you guys do this! :D
    And great shots as usual. <3

    Sophia xx | lantern-in-her-hand.blogspot.com