Apr 11, 2016

a few shots from the last week + a periscope q & a?

hey y'all!
sorry for the lack of posting lately. i had a film shoot last weekend, and then a busy rest of the week.
here are a few shots from the past seven days...

i am so excited about Rogue Zohu's upcoming film! it was so fun to be a part of the production!

at the end of the production, the crew went and had pizza together. the below picture has a story to it- which i actually periscoped about. i had a lot of fun on this set, and i really enjoyed getting to meet internet friends in person!

 the weather in WA has been so pretty! me and my sibs + dad went to the park and threw a football around- which was a lot of fun! my dad snapped the below pic of me "blowing" bubbles.  i love bubbles!

 me and my friends went on a location scout for our upcoming film! we hopefully will be shooting this summer!

me, annie and micah went shopping! i have been begging annie to go shopping with me for several months.  i was waiting on annie, who was trying on some snazzy clothes in the below pic. we also went to chick- fil- a for dinner. 

 after our shopping trip, daddy picked me up and we rushed to ikea to pick up my brand new room suite! a blog post and Vlog will hopefully be posted this week of my room transformation! we got there right around closing time, so i literally was running through the store taking pics of the bin numbers, and grabbing all the pieces!

saturday, me and the friendsies went and saw batman v superman! now, i can't say i loved it-  mainly because i haven't seen all the batman movies OR man of steel- and i dislike superman... buuuut i had a lot of fun with my friends and enjoyed the film! afterwards we went to burger king to eat, and then back to annie's house to watch batman the dark knight! i have never seen it, so now i'm excited to watch the last one!

so now dear readers, i propose an idea! i have been getting very interested in periscoping, and i had the idea of doing one with you guys! periscoping (if you don't know what it is) is basically a live Vlog where you can write in your questions and comments to the vlogger!  i thought it might be fun to "talk" to you guys and answer any question you might have. i'd love to talk about blogging, photography and or anything else! if you're interested in this, email me ( gymcatgurl@gmail.com ) and i will give you my periscope account/handle so you can follow me and we can set up a day to do it! i look forward to it!!

hope you all have had a lovely week!

xx morg 

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  1. those pictures look so cool! it must have been awesome working on a set like that.