Mar 11, 2016

wild ponies

so technically these aren't ponies, and they're not wild.
my friends own a couple of horses right around the corner from us, and my little sister has been helping them clean stalls/ working with the horses.
i tagged along the other day to take some pictures.

xx morg


  1. Those horses are beautiful!! I miss being around horses quite a bunch.
    Wonderful pictures.

  2. What gorgeous photos! Horses are such majestic creatures, and you captured their beauty perfectly. <3

  3. These photos are amazing!! <3 <3

    Sophia xx |

  4. these are so beautiful!!♥♥♥ I'm so glad you came! XD Sarah loves seeing pics of her baby!

  5. Those horses are gorgeous! <3 <3 And that's great that Lauryn has been able to be around horses more. And that you were there to photograph them, your pictures are amazing!

  6. They're beautiful! I love the fifth photo. If the fence wasn't there you'd think he was a real wild horse.

  7. I just found your blog and immediately I was swept away with how beautiful it looks! wow! and your pictures are just stunning. seriously. and can I just say that I freaking love your hair in the photo on the side?? because it looks great. you're beautiful :)

    anyhow. new follower. just wanted to tell you that. have a beautiful day <3

    1. Thank you so much! That is so sweet of you! Yes, I dyed my hair purple last summer, mainly because I wanted too, but I also acted in a star wars fan film, that played into my role. ;)

  8. These are just perfectly gorgeous. <3 <3 <3