Nov 16, 2015

Which camera should you buy? {Beginning Photography Series}

Hi guys!
First off, I just want to say THANK YOU for the questions I received from my last post.
I wanted to start off with this one~

Camera pricing, what kind of cameras you recommend with current prices?

Great question! And one I should definitely start with first.

My first camera was a Nikon d3100. I definitely would recommend it as a beginner camera.
Something I really like about it, is the fact that you can see the shutter opening and closing.
Watch the following video~

I also shot with the Canon Rebel T3. I liked that one too, but not as much as my Nikon.
I shoot with Canon now, and I see the differences between Canon & Nikon.

Nikon is very sharp, and gritty. You see more pores/skin blemishes with Nikon.

Canon focuses more on smooth and bright colors. Also, smoother skin tones.

So basically, whichever is your preference. If you're wanting to do more nature/outdoor photography, I would suggest Nikon.
If you're doing more people photography, I'd suggest Canon.
Of course, Nikon and Canon are not your only options. I have friends who have shot with Pentax, as well as Sony. I am not very familiar with those brands, but by looking at their photography I think they are more similar to Canon.

 For some reason, the Nikon d3100 says it has been discontinued. I'm not sure what all that is about....
The Canon Rebel T2i was very popular in "my day". I think it might be one of the best rebels. One of my favorite photographers used this camera in her early days.  However, Canon has made several new rebels since then.


If you're caught between a Canon and Nikon camera, I would suggest using this website to help you see the comparisons.

I hope this helps a little bit!

xx Morg
p.s I'd also like to note that it is REALLY hard (almost impossible in my case) to get that awesome rainbow lens flair with the Nikon d3100. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get it. Canon captures much bigger and much prettier lens flairs.


  1. What a great post! I looked long and hard for a nice camera (in my price rage) and was so relieved when I found one that was perfect for me. I have the Canon Rebel T3i and a 50mm 1.8 lens and they pair so well together. I got my T3i on sale (which I was super happy about) and bought the cheapest Canon lens out there. I'd love, love, love to purchase a Canon 5D Mark III one day, but for now I'm content with my camera and lens.

  2. Thank you so much for this informative post! I am looking to buy a camera right now, and this very helpful. The picture examples are perfect.
    Thank you!

    A Lantern in Her Hand