Sep 29, 2015

In which I am a Star Wars Villain {LCC Star Wars Fan Film 2015}

it's here! it's here, it's here, it's here!

you guys! the star wars fan film that i have talked about in the past is finally up on youtube! and will be judged this saturday! i am so freakin excited, and so so so happy with the results. i can't stop watching it!

so, if any of you star wars fans wanna take a look, look no further! it's titled, EXILE.

being a part of this project wasn't easy, but it was a lot of fun. we were up very early getting ready, and we spent almost everyday working on our choreography. so much work was put into it, and so many talents were put together creating it.

the judging will be live this saturday. i'm not sure where we will be watching it, but i'm sure they will post it here, afterwards. :)

xx morg

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  1. This was incredible. The story was engaging, the characters real, and the acting was amazing! Especially you Morgan, you make a really good villain! ;) Overall I think it turned out amazing. :) And every time I think about Josiah strapped to the front of the car for filming, makes me really wanna do it myself. XD