Aug 14, 2015

I'm Back!

hey guys! 
it's been awhile!
so, i know i shut down this blog a month or two ago. but i re-opened it because i realized that having a business page and personal blog together just doesn't work. 
so! i'm back and i'm ready to get to work! i have some super exciting news pertaining to Fandom Fox, which is back up and running again as well. 

just a few life updates...

my friends and i are filming a short film every monday. Fandom Fox secret projects. personal secret projects. big films being filmed. acting in friend's big films. education revelations. siblings visiting and turning 20. purple hair. lots and lots of photo shoots. trips to seattle and oregon. working on a paleo diet. walking almost ten miles a week. finally getting a spottily account. reading group nights. IKEA trip. reading and learning. getting a PS4 and trying to play it. spiritual growth. happiness. fall coming early. 
it's been a good summer so far.

xx morg

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