Mar 10, 2015

Something jolly with my hair {bangs or not? pt 2}

alright you guys. i did it. 
 i did an all over color this time, instead of highlights. which, i'm having a hard time getting used to. 
y'all, if you ever decide to bleach yo head, just know it gonna be itching like crazy!
i thought i was gonna die! from my scalp!
 mmkay, so the purple didn't turn out like i was hoping. but, i guess i shall wear it loud and proud. ;) i'm hoping it will fade out to the lavender color i was hoping for. 
 the first photo is today, and the second is from right after i got out of the hair dresser. my purple hair was a lot more vibrant yesterday....
so far, i've been told i look like Gwen Stacy, from The Amazing Spiderman.
a lot of my girls loved it. one of them just wanted to stare at it all day cuz purple is her favorite color. ;) 
the blonde seems to have come down a bit, but yesterday it was very.. loud..
i was feeling like Draco Malfoy. someone told me they liked it, cuz it brought out my facial features. which, i agree with, because i can now see my freckles! 
what are your thoughts?


  1. LOVE IT!!!! The purple is so awesome…and the bangs are too cute. ;) Great choice!

  2. I love it. It's a lot more messy, and I love your freckles. <3