Mar 31, 2015

March Review

March was indeed a very busy month! 
One I'm glad I didn't set tons of goals for. Here is what all went down!
My sister and her husband flew up here to WA for a week. We had a super fun time being together. It was hard to say goodbye to them. We miss them lots and lots, and greatly anticipating their next visit this year.
We went to Seattle and visited the space needle, as well as Pikes Place Market and the gum wall.
We had a dance night with our friends and went bowling which was really fun.
 ^^Thanks Micah!^^

My brother in law-Matt- was very interested in watching Avatar with me. So, during their visit we ended up watching the entire first two season, as well as the first disc of Season 3. We watched a loooooooot of Avatar. Which was fine with me. ;) It was fun seeing him, and later my sister hooked on it. :D

March was also the month I dyed and cut my hair. 
I am so in love with my bangs. 

I also had a photo-shoot of myself!
My friend Micah at Peak Photography did some awesome photography, while my friend Rachel at Wink and a Smile did some gorgeous make up on me!
Thanks so much guys!

Here is my star debut- I mean make up video Rachel did of me. ;)
I can't wait to see the rest of these!

March is also the month of my family's one year anniversary in WA!
After a year of being here almost to the date, my childhood best friends moved up here as well!
We helped them move in yesterday!

Movies of March~

I wrote my thoughts about the film here.

Tinkerbell & the Legends of the Neverbeast
Gah this movie was so good! I am a huge Tinkerbell fan, and love all her movies. I was so excite to find out about the newest one to the collection! I also wrote my thoughts on this film here

I really enjoy the soundtrack to this movie. It definitely has some issues, and skippable scenes/conversations. And I don't agree with the theme of the story, but it still is a funny movie.

Love Comes Softly Series.
This is not a new movie(s) for us, but we've been re-watching them all. We love Love Comes Softly. ;)

El Dorado
My siblings and I were never allowed to watch this when we were younger. I saw it floating around on netflix and figured since I was almost twenty, I could probably watch it now. ;)
It was funny, and had some quotable lines, but definitely some story/plot issues. It felt like the story skipped to the second act immediately, and stayed there.. Then quickly a patched up act 3.

Books of March~

I don't know how, but somehow during my busy schedule, I've managed to read more books than I have in like two years..

The Help
One of my absolute favorite books and movies. I've read it several times.

Sixteen Brides
I was very surprised with this book! I love historical fiction, but have never actually read any out of the kids department. ;)
I have also never read any Christian fiction, just because a majority of it all looked like romance. I really enjoyed this book, the historical detail and the dash of romance that just made it super sweet.

With Every Letter
I greatly enjoyed the this story. The fact that it took place during the war, AND it was about a nurse really appealed to me. I got a little tired of the protagonists singing the same tune of self pity/issue till the end. But other than that (and the mushy ending) I really enjoyed it.
The Extra
I enjoyed this book! Wasn't my top ten or anything, but a good and easy read. It reminded me a lot of a movie called "I am David". The writing style confused me a couple of times and there was a bit of language and topic of conversation I skipped over. It ended on a cliff hanger, but still a good story. I somehow managed to read it in two days...

March Music Favorites~
I seem to be listening to these tracks/soundtrack non stop of late.

It looks like April is another busy month, but I am setting a goal to do a bible study. I am in much need of feeding my soul during the past few months. I'd also like to try and dabble in some new types of projects. I really want to get  back on my budget, March was a very pricey month. Gotta save, save, save. 
And, I definitely need to watch the amount of sugar and soda I consume. I had an ungodly amount of soda during March. 

How was your March? What are your April goals?

hope you have a lovely day!

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