Feb 9, 2015

my life of late & forgotten frames

when my mom told me she was going out of state to visit our family, i immediately turned to my younger siblings and said: "look at me.. look at me. i'm the captain now"
with my father playing role of "admiral", everything has been going quite smoothly.
of course, being the oldest and being in charge comes with drawbacks (with great power comes great responsibility)
however, us kiddos have been having lots of fun, doing stuff we might not normally do.
i.e, playing hide and seek in the house. that was exciting. i hid behind our tv which is high on a mantle. whilst hiding i found our nook that has been MIA since we moved here last year...
my brother and i hid together a couple of times. we figured if we were going to be caught, we best be caught together ;)
our most brilliant hiding spot was in the bathtub with a see through shower curtain...
needless to say we were found.. good thing matt brought his nerf ax with him. ;)
which by the way, nerd weapons should be banned from  hide and seek altogether, but they made the game more exciting.. especially when i found matt and started chasing after him and he started screaming and flung the ax (which sent sophie from his interesting position off the couch and into hiding)
after our rousing game we went to mcdonalds and stuffed ourselves silly with unhealthy food.
sunday morning i awoke to my brothers booming voice. i sighed and rolled over, hoping to lose his voice against my pillows. i heard him come nearer to my door and say 'WHOA'.
that was probably not good, since the dogs had been sleeping outside my door all night.
my oldest dog decided to bless us with his....well.. never mind.
glad to be "asleep" and not have to deal with any of the mess, i listened to their groans from clean up.

sunday after noon i went to work for my kids gym show. it was a fun relaxed day for my kids, and i was happy to have some of my favorite students in my group. i was the photographer of the event and made a good bit of money.

i came home from work and picked up some little caesars pizza. after clean up, the girls and i sat down to some  BBC robin hood. after several episodes, we said prayers and went to bed. i was up late (as usual) finishing off the latest episode of 'call the midwife'.

anyways.. thats what up with me :D

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