Feb 23, 2015

bangs or not?

so for a the last couple of years, i have been a little bit curious about the bangs trend.
i had bangs when i was little, and didn't think anything about them.

i haven't cut my hair in a long time. i've been growing out the pixie for the past year, and love having long hair back.
but, the antsy-ness of trying something new has hit, and i'm considering bangs...
here are some OK faux ones that i was playing around with..
not totally sure what i think... i like and no like and like and no like... i couldn't get my hair to be 100% cooperative... i'd like the sides of the bangs to be a bit longer..
^^more like these models^^

i'm also excited about my next hair coloring plans!
i've been "working" up to getting my blonde a more platinum color. 
almost bleach blonde :D
also, instead of blue this time i'm thinking of getting some lavender/purple undertones!
purple has really grown on me this past year. i grew up despising the color, but now i'm really drawn to it. especially this lavender color! 

so, what do y'all all think?
thoughts? concerns? ye or nay?
let me know in the comments below!
also, if you've been in the same situation and decided to get bangs, let me know how it went/going!

xx morg


  1. I think you should definitely get bangs! You look really good with the faux bangs. :)

  2. You should totally get bangs! The type you picked out are really pretty too; makes me want to get bangs like that! But alas, I'm afraid my curly hair would turn them into a nightmare over night, so I've been too afraid to try it. :P

    1. LOL Alina! Thanks! During my bangs research I came across some stuff about getting bangs with curly hair~ It's do-able! Rachel had curly hair and pretty bangs! :D