Jan 1, 2015

2014 outtakes, favorites and adieu.

for as long as i can remember, i have associated colors with words and numbers. the color "4" for me has always been the color purple. which means grace to me.
2014 was purple. filled with grace and change.
a new state. new friends. new home. new job. new car. new way of life.
i flew across country by myself, and drove across country with my family. i bought a car. i worked two jobs. i rented an expensive camera. i shot a wedding. i watched Avatar the Last Airbender...a lot...
i swam almost every weekend during the summer.

this year has been fun and hard. 
i'm not very sad to leave it.

 i'm very excited for what 2015 holds for me and my family.

the number "5" is blue. deep, bold blue. it means good change and adventures, and fulfillment. 

i believe this next year will be one of my best. 

some of my 2015 goals are: 
  1. start wedding photography business.
  2. be a serious lifestyle blogger.
  3. learn to cook.
  4. photography, photography and more photography.
  5. write my story.
  6. read more books.
  7. go months without soda/coffee and juice.
  8. save more, spend less.
  9. travel.
  10. focus on my art.
  11. do a 365 project (i will post weekly.)

and most importantly: BE INTENTIONAL.
that is my motto for 2015.
be intentional with my work. my blogging. my writing. my photography. where i want to be in life.
be intentional.

and without further adieu, a few of the pics taken of me (& outtakes) from this year.

Oh, and here is my hair growth from the past 365 days...
 ^^i was kinda tired..^^

And now that you've had a good laugh at my outtakes, feast your eyes on a few of my favorite pics from 2014.

and last but not least, the last picture of me from 2014.
hope everyone has a wonderful day. xx morg. 


  1. Beautiful! Your photography is just stunning! ;) Have a wonderful new year!

    Oh, and I love, love, your new blog design. So cute!

  2. Breathtaking. I love your blog; truly, you inspire me! I was having a tough time this year, and this blog actually contributed to me getting out of it. Thank you so much, and happy New Year! :'D