Oct 7, 2014

What's new with me

it's been a while since i've posted. i thought i would make a once a month "what's new with me" type post...maybe this could be a linked in type thing?
anyhoo, here's what's new with me.. :)

^^sooo i bought a car :D it took a little while to save for it, but the Lords timing was perfect. my new hot rods name is Atticus, but i call him Atti for short. he's different from my last car (Bessie) but i like him, and i think we'll be good buds. ^^
^^i had a school appointment last friday :D it went very well, and i fell in love with the school. i will be starting the paperwork soon to apply, and hopefully be starting in January!! :D if you're wondering, i will be pursuing a career as a medical assistant. i'm pretty excited. 
it's kinda weird that i have chosen this profession. i use to be terrified of hospitals, doctors and or anything to do with the medical field.. i never saw this for myself- though a part of me has always wanted to be in the medical field- despite my fears. i plan on posting how i got into all this at some point.. ;)^^
 ^^in other news, i learned how to free lens, and WA is experiencing some gorgeous fall weather. :D^^

~some recent photography~

 ^^we got bikes!! lots of bike riding nights :D^^

 ^^my girls had a gymnastics meet last weekend. i was very proud of them. it made me want to compete again.^^

being a gymnastics coach has been a big learning curve.
i started this job to get some kid experience and some extra cash. i wasn't planning on falling in love with these girls. no matter how many crazy things they say or how rude they are to me, they have all stolen my heart.  i am constantly fixing hair, placing band aids, taping hands, giving permission, saying no, repeating myself, grabbing toes, cleaning up blood, calming down crying children and... yeah... it's a lot ;)
^^i love this shot of their little toes ;)^^
^^saturday  we went to our friends wedding shower (which i am photographing in a couple weeks :D)
there was a lot of dancing.. and free lensing... :D

 ^^the founders of Lifestyle of Learning dancing on the deck. ^^
 ^^the soon to be wedded couple^^

^^one of my personal favorites..^^

^^in other news, Matt, my mom and I started a job at a nearby farm. here i am driving a tractor....
Matt and i clean the barn there in the early early morning.. then mom and i do field trips later in the day...^^
^^also, i'm going on week 4 of being soda free :D
i've been going off and on soda for the past year, but this is the longest i haven't touched it. ^^
^^yeaahhh... Matt and I were pretty excited about seeing that... and watching it last Friday.. can't wait to see what this season has in store.. :D any other LOK fans out there? what were your thoughts on the season 3 finale? did you cry? did you watch bunch of other peoples reactions on youtube and laugh hysterically at them? I might have done both....
here are my two favorite reactions... *i just skip to the end of these- i think a few profanities are spoken*
this one & this one <--- died laughing at this one...

^^speaking of TV shows, has anyone started watching Downton Abbey?
i have to say, i like season 5 better than season 4 (which was horrible in my opinion) however i am not happy with Mary's change of character- or return to original character... she was different with Matthew and remained somewhat the same good different in season 4... but now.. i have to say i'm a bit disappointed in her. i am really interested in seeing what is going to happen to Edith in this season. so far i feel pretty bad for her... what are your thoughts?^^

^^this isn't a very good pic, but we started Scottish country dancing! :D it's a lot of fun, but much ore complicated than square dancing 0_o ^^

^^some fall nights on the playground with milkshakes.^^

 so what's new with you guys?
^^photo cred Micah^^
^^photo cred Phillip^^


  1. Oh my skies oh my skies oh my skies! I love the playground shots - and the spider's web is pretty cool!