Sep 26, 2014

Freelensing and Fall

I have been looking all over google for how to do the free-lensing effect. I didn't know it was called free-lensing, I thought it was a preset or something I did in editing. I contacted my friend Janelle, who pointed me in the right direction. I grabbed my camera, ran outside and tested this new knowledge out. And it worked!! I am SO excited I have found this, and can't wait to start implementing it into future shoots. Here are some of my attempts- I keep forgetting to take the watermark off. :/
p.s here is a tutorial.


  1. These are cool! The B&W vertical one of Lauryn is perfect. :) I've thought about trying free-lensing, but the thought of using my lens detached from my camera makes me way too nervous!

  2. So cool! I agree with Sereina -- this makes me nervous...but it would fun to try! :)