May 29, 2014

The great Sister/Seattle adventure

my sister came for a visit a couple of weeks ago.
we explored all over our little town and had lots of adventures. 

 1st adventure; shopping trip to winco :D
 2nd adventure; exploring antique shops :D

 3rd adventure; exploring the town.

 ^^here we are hunting for a coffee shop. thankfully, this is WA and we don't have to look too far ;)^^

 ^^Ash playing the piano :D^^
 ^^walks around the neighborhood :D^^

and then... the great Seattle adventure!!!
^^the original starbucks^^

^^the infamous gum wall...^^
^^Ash putting a piece of her heART on the wall ;)^^

^^one of my favorite shots from the day^^


^^Ash and I in the space needle!!^^

^^everyone was arguing that the spiders were sculptors and not paintings.. however, i won because they are indeed paintings ;)^^

At the end of the day, Mom wanted us to take some individual shots of each other so she could have some new pics of us :D^^
p.s for some reason blogger changes all my black and white shots to sepia...

the very next day, we went to see the famous "Freemont Troll" which was very cool!

and then we went to... DA ZOO!!!!!!

^^giraffes are my favorite animals, so i was super ecstatic to see them up close!^^

^^so cute!!^^
^^this fella reminded us of a lizard we had for a pet once.. they are almost identical^^

unfortunately, Ash had to leave and we were very sad, but we had a great adventurous week with her.


  1. awesome pics! Miss you guys sooooo much

  2. lovely photos! the Seattle ones were gorgeous!