Mar 26, 2014

it's so hard to say goodbye

as you all know by now, me and my family just went through a very big move. like, from GA to WA big move. 
we had to say a lot of goodbyes.
 on march 20th we packed up our house and said goodbye to most of our family and friends.

the morning started off with me still in bed and anna banging on my door yelling at me to get up ;)
we went on a box hunt all over town but since it was so early, no one was open and we only managed five boxes. after that we started marching the billion boxes up to the truck.

^^abs joined us later on in the day :D^^

 ^^thankful for pizza!!!^^
 ^^my best friends- missing sarah...^^
 ^^sarah joined us later on :D^^
it was so much work.
but everyone worked so hard and nobody complained.
it was such a good day with everyone.

but... we knew that at the end of the day, we had to do the inevitable... say goodbye.
but first, a little back story....
i met sarah and anna when i was about five years old at our church.
i have no memory of us meeting, just us being best friends from the get go.
we did everything together.
it wasn't really until the last three years that we were seeing more of each other and were always at each others houses. we have had so many adventures together, so many memories and laughs.
it's never been a thought in my mind that we would never not see each other again.
thirteen years goes by way to fast.
they're my best buds.
 and i miss them greatly.
i met abby in 2006.
 i first saw her when i was changing gymnastics complexes.
at that time i was very lonely.
she was on my team and we were tied at the hip from the get go.
the first time i went to her house we entertained ourselves by stomping in the mud and trying to make bricks out of it. she told me i was her best friend that day.
and almost everyday after that we saw each other.
 i miss her bunches.

and then we had to say goodbye...
(special thanks to my uncle for the below photos)

 ^^i'm very attractive when i cry.... not LOL ^^

 ^^listen to my stomach anna ;)^^
 ^^ my sarah bear^^

 ^^ me sobbing on abby's shoulder took me waaaay back to the past times i have cried on her^^
 ^^abs mom, who has treated me like her own^^

 ^^ forever. to infinity and beyond^^
 ^^my anna^^

it was an extremely emotional day.
after saying goodbye to all my besties, i had to say goodbye to my grandparents, my brother in law, my uncle and my big sister.

and then on friday morning, we left.
 ^^ i grew up in this house. never moved once.^^
and then onto the five day journey cross country.....


  1. Aww. You just made me cry all over again. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

    Sarah :)