Jan 2, 2014

2013 farewell, favorite photos and 2014 beginning

i learned so much during 2013.
it was a great year of learning. 

i have a strong feeling that this year will be one of the best yet.

2013 brought unexpected changes to my life...
i was blessed with a great job, one i'm still doing.
i met new people and made new friends.
i got sammy (my macbook) the computer i have been wanting forever.
i got turtle (my iPhone).
i started a book that i really hope to publish.
i got my first tattoo and piercing(s).
i drew closer to my siblings.
i went and saw the amazing catching fire, desolation of smaug, frozen, the croods, despicable me 2, thor 2, grace unplugged.

it was hard. but it was good.

i feel like 2014 is going to be the best year yet.
i remember thinking that at the beginning of this year.

2013 i won't miss you. but  thank you for all you taught me. 
2014 hello. it's nice to meet you.

here are my favorite photos from 2013..

so now to the nitty gritty...
2014 i want to make some changes to my lifestyle, as in actually exercising  and actually achieve getting my six pack back.... 
i want to eat more salads and healthy food and less mac'n cheese....and burgers...
i want to change the products i use to wash my hair & grow it out (hoping to get it to at least 13" by the summer).
my spending habits, even though i have been doing very well in budgeting lately, i want to learn more and save more.
i want to learn more about make-up.
spend less time on the internet.
i want to work more on my photography and filmography. 
i want to read more and actually finish books.
 blog more.

i will be starting a simple exercising routine for my mornings.
i will find some healthy foods to eat for breakfast (i rarely eat breakfast).
i will enter my librarys film contest.
i wil be documenting my hairs growth every first of the month ( i will be washing my hair with baking soda, coconut oil and apple cider vinegar- supposedly they help hair growth....
i will be blogging my make-up routine and tutorials if i learn any ;).
i will read a book before bed instead of watching three hours of netflix.

(Inspired by Siri)
~my favorite movies from 2013~
the croods
catching fire
the desolation of smaug
a league of their own
jurassic park 2
bourne legacy
parental guidance
wreck it ralph
rise of the guardians
harry potter saga
trouble with the curve
monsters university
lemonade mouth
hotel transylvania
the lone ranger
iron man 3
fried green tomatoes
the decoy bride
tinkerbell secret of the wings
john carter

~favorite tv shows from 2013~
downton abbey
h2o just add water
call the midwife

harry potter

i didn't read a lot this year.....

^^when the clock hit 12 an explosion of wacky string filled the air. and it was amazing^^

there are going to be some BIG changes in store for 2014, and i'm not referring to the above list...
all will be revealed in due time ;) (no, i'm not engaged) :D
i hope everyone has had a wonderful year and that 2014 will be even better.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Love your blog's new makeover:)