Aug 12, 2013


i have written about abby lots of times.
but today i wanted to write a little more.

abby came into my life when i was transferring gymnastics complexes. i was leaving a gym where i had  been shunned, rejected and bullied.
i didn't have any friends in my life at the that time  i thought of my siblings as pests, even though i desperately wanted to be closer to them. but my strict gymnastics schedule kept me away from them.
i was going through some pain and loneliness.
i remember the first time i visited the gym. i came during team break. i remember entering the break room, filled with flipping girls, beach balls and shouting and laughter. wanting to play along i grabbed a beach ball and started playing catch with this blonde haired girl. i don't remember us actually talking to each other, just that we had fun.
all the team girls were very nice to me. not one shunned me.
the next few days i showed up for my first practice. i walked out onto the floor. the team was doing over splits (splits with one foot propped up on a mat) abby was the same girl i played catch with. her over splits were all the way down. no one else's was. i walked up and slid into an over split. i was all the way down too. i remember one of my team mates looking at me and saying :"hey! we have another abby!" abby and i looked at each other.
little did we know that that same day we were becoming friends, her brothers and my brother were playing together. my sister and her sister were also playing together. her mom and my mom were talking upstairs. that weekend we went to their house for our first fellowship together (home church). i remember abby and i stomping in the mud, trying to make clay bricks like the egyptians. i remember abby telling me i was her best friend that day.
abby and i were inseparable from then on. we saw each other everyday. had about a million sleep overs. and were over at each others houses constantly.  she also introduced me to her lifelong bestie lindsay, which i became good friends with as well. we were all an odd trio. so different in about everything.
i can't say our friendship has been perfect these past seven years. but i am still grateful i got to become friends with her. especially when i had nobody at the time. we still see each other from time to time, but no where near as we use too. i retired from gymnastics when i was twelve, going a different route in my life. she continuing gymnastics, and now coaching since then.  i have so many crazy, funny, good, bad, weird, hilarious, fun memories with her. all of which i shall never forget.

^^me, abs and linds^^

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