Jul 2, 2013

adventures of late pt 2

filming your movie and having a thousand chigger bites, anna almost broke her arm and finding turtles in your shooting area...
cleaning my room and giving it a total make-over.
having a flying [big] cockroach crawl up your back [in my shirt] and then jumps from your shoulder and flies away.
calling someones name over and over, then they stand in front of you and you say their name over and over and even wave your hands in front of them and they still don't see or hear you....
watching all three jurassic parks.. i screamed through everyone of them... especially the 2nd one, which is my favorite. 
letting one of your co-workers take the wrong drink and ended up giving the customer someones re-fill instead of a fresh drink... thankfully it was caught before anyone drank it.
staying up late till 2 something, and right as your about to drift asleep an AMBER alert blares on your phone... 
staying up late (again) and leaving pandora on all night....
watching all the disney movies you weren't allowed to watch when you were little ;) then having disney playlists playing all day whilst you draw ariel....
getting asked if the drawing on your arm is a tattoo. 

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